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£2,350 Raised for the Air Ambulance Service

So who would have thought that a bunch of clay shooters with nothing better to do could raise a staggering £2,350 for charity in a single evening! Thank you to all who attended & gave so generously, a bigger thank you to our team of outstanding helpers who lugged traps, spun a sausage, carried tea, fed cake, sorted the paperwork, organised buttons & scores & cleared it all away! Thank you to all for the donation of prizes for the raffles & a special than you to Martin for the use of his back garden as always. £1,950 will be donated to the Air Ambulance & £400 will be donated to The Galanos House British Legion Home at Bishops Itchington. Thanks again from us all! Andy & Lyn Leather, (Silverstone Shooting School) Tony Cox (Banbury Gunsmiths)

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