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All About Game

A one day training course that walks you through the process of a game shoot ensuring that a safe & great day is had by all.


The training course is based upon guidance published by the UK's leading game shooting & conservation organisations to provide an understanding of the game shoot from the life cycle of game birds, the role of the Game Keeper, the dynamics of a shoot day to standing on "The Peg".

The training course has been created using the UK's leading shooting organisations codes of practice.

Safety within the field is a unique presentation of risk, safety is covered in great detail throughout the training course including safety on the peg, what is your safe zone for shooting, what does "don't swing through the line" mean, where is it safe for me to close my gun, when should I close my gun?

Each candidate will take part in the BASC "Safe Shot" assessment that on successful assessment will result in the 'Safe Shot" award.

The course literautre includes a copy of the GWCT book "The Knowledge" that covers conservation & best practise in the management of game shoots.

The training is completed by BASC accredited shotgun coaches who regularly attend game shoots of all types & includes a coaching session on simulated game for good basic driven shooting technique.

Get in touch to organise your training course price starts from just £145 per person with a maximum of 8 persons on a course, we can bring the training to you at your location, please get in touch to discuss.

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