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All about Game Shooting, new training course launched.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

So we have launched our new training course,

"All About Game", why has it been created?

Every year thousands of people stand on their first ever "Game Peg", we did that once, it was very daunting & the day was one of uncertainty, along with a desire to not get it wrong.

Each year we come across more & more people who do not understand the process this can be combined with a lack of understanding about the unique safety features that are part of live quarry shooting, what is a safe shot, where should I close the gun, what is my window of shooting opportunity?

How far away is "too far" with the risking of injuring a bird with a stray pellet, how far is "too close", what do you mean "don't swing through the line", what does "make sure there is sky around it" mean?

The objective of the course is to answer all of these questions with examples including clear definitions, ensuring that a level of confidence is achieved to allow a person to understand their responsibility of being a safe shot & enjoying the day.

The training course is based upon the UK's leading shooting organisations' codes of practice.

The course includes patterning for lethality with an understanding of loads & their potential impact/lethality using pattern plates.

Also included is basic technique on driven game with tuition using simulated game by an accredited BASC coach, course literature including the GWCT book "The knowledge" value £15.95), the BASC "Safe Shot" award (on completion of assessment value £20).

Cost is just £145 per person including lunch & refreshments with a maximum of 8 persons on each course.

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