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"On The Peg"

We have the pleasure of loading & coaching across some of the top shooting estates in the country, we would be happy to enhance your day with mentoring in the field.

This can be from loading, or "double gunning" to chauffeuring to or from your location offering a comprehensive service.

Contact us to discuss your requirements:

Marcus B  - October 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for your training over the past few week. Today I had my first day out on the pheasants and I am pleased to say the barrels were very straight!


The final drive was daunting. My peg was by the pond below a 50m high bank with trees then on top. They think the birds were approx. 40m above us over the line. However, after the ‘Silverstone Shooting School’ sessions evens these could be clattered down with the first barrel. Something I could not have done 13 months ago.

Marcus B  - October 2018

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