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John Gibbs Anniversary shoot £1,170 raised

Well what a great result, we put on a shoot to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of local all round Countryman John Gibbs saddly leaving us raising monies for veterans with dogs.

The event was a 24 target pool shoot across 3 stands, a team flush with the simulated game trailer with teams picked at random & what has now become the famous .410 "Rabbit Challenge" with much swearing & cursing as they "got away".

(All participants had to use John's .410 Baikal shotgun)

Best shots on this was Jack Elkington & Josh Millar with a shoot off needed as despite their best efforts 2 always got away!

Winner of the shoot off on "sudden death" was ~Josh who also won best novice in the pool shoot.

The winning team in the flush gained possession of the "FMOB trophy" for 12 months.

A big thank you to all that attended, especially our team of helpers, could not have done it without them with all made welcome & suitably refreshed.

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