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ShotKam available for coaching

Feedback is invaluable & only last week my associates within the shooting squad gave me "their view" on how a target was missed, at the time the ShotKam was on the Miroku MK38 so I could review the hits 'n' misses later.

Attached is a clip (both hits!) that showed some great detail, not just about the shot but about the hold or pick up point & the line of the gun v the target trajectory, all the things that if you are focused on the target you take for granted.

Interestingly 2 different methods are used swing through on the 1st target & maintained lead on the 2nd.

It is a great tool & you take away the footage from your shots, get in touch to book your lesson from £45 + clays & cartridges.

2nd clip shows a rabbit caly that is clearly missed in front & a quartering target that is "shot at" resulting in a miss behind.

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