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Letter to BASC magazine "Shooting & Conservation"

The following email was sent into BASC & was published in their magazine, all BASC coaches are hard working & a credit to the vest that they proudly wear, we understand that one of the coaches that made this great impression was our very own Lyn...

Dear Sir,

I write regarding the BASC “Have a Go” stand at the recent Game Fair at Hatfield House.

After missing the last couple of Game Fairs, I decided to make the effort to visit this one and take with me my two sons aged 12 and 15. Whilst I have taught both boys the basics of shooting technique and the importance of safety at the cost of a few tin cans, neither of them has any experience of shooting clays or game. So when we visited the Game Fair, they were both keen to have a go, probably because it’s sounded a lot more exciting than perusing the shops with their dad.

I directed them straight to the BASC stand where I noticed they could try to shoot a few clays for a nominal fee. I thought, “That should keep them happy for ten minutes.”

I was quite wrong. What then followed was a least half an hour of professional teaching by two excellent instructors who took so much care and effort in teaching my sons. Before either boy picked up a gun, the details of safety, eye dominance and gun mount were all covered so that when they were finally at the clay stand, it didn’t take long before both of them were regularly hitting the targets. However, most importantly, I noticed how the whole time my sons were sons were smiling and happy, made comfortable by the friendly coaches. Therefore I would like to commend BASC and the two shooting instructors. The value for money that we received for my £20.00 is nearly irrelevant. What is important is that the dedication and professionalism of the instructors has introduced to young people to our sport and given them the enthusiasm that they have already continued to shoot and are thoroughly keen to learn as much as they can.

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